‘The Community Worker’

Abrupt, and cutting straight to the point,

For messing about with implied/idle threats, is not his particular style

Understand the man’s flaws: but judge him not, and he will not let you down

A flawed man in every-which-way but one: though the world has uses for both saint and sinner alike

‘Hurt her again, and I’ll cut your neck open and drink your blood’, is one of his direct quotes

You would be a complete fool, if you’d mistaken it for just words.

A hero to rescue a damsel in distress kept imprisoned in a castle (well, a semi-detached in Wales)

He’s no Prince,

Though she *is* arguably High-born,

He is more Shrek than prince charming, but she is rather comely (if a little too talkative given the chance!)

Alas, it did not end as a fairytale would and continues to meander on,

Shrek returned to his wife,

And, the Princess, to her comparatively pampered life,

Where she occasionally reflects on:

The unexpected Prince who battled through a wilderness of beasts & overcame a tower of sorts, to rescue her.

With each telling, the tale did grow and took on a life of its own,

Those few who were privileged to hear it, could not keep it to themselves,

And the tale of this unexpected princely rescue, by this Prince by deed, if not by birth, appearance or station, spread far & wide!

Eventually, all came to regard this Shrek as a Prince in truth & discreetly sought out his services for their own ills,

Over time, he has acquired a reputation for discretion (if a little rough and dishevelled round the edges) –

With an unpredictable propensity toward extreme violence, at times!

His charges are voluntary-

Though, he does not accrue many – if any – bad debts,

He is now not known by his own name, nor as ‘Shrek’ or ‘Prince’, but-

Simply, as ‘The Community Worker’

Though, in his line of community work, he’ll never win any praise,

For whatever praise he receives-

There will be others (so aggrieved by his actions), cursing him & openly calling for his blood!

There is now a heavy bounty on his head, that has introduced an additional layer of secrecy to his work,


If you have a problem,

And neither law-enforcement, nor the
authorities or (even) the mythical A-Team, can help!

You are welcome to seek out the much-in-demand services of The Community Worker in confidence,

Be forewarned, however:

He takes his own time, to investigate, to deduce  & consider your offer,

His discretion & decision in this, is, absolute!

And, in the end, justice, is, assured-

For all, save the guilty

Therefore, do *not* seek to waste his time,

Or, entrap him, with the reward in mind,

Because: this world does not suffer fools, in the end,

And, neither, does, He!

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