Broad Justice

I’ve heard it said that, ‘the law exists only for the good & law-abiding folk

It has also been said, ‘you can’t make money by following all the rules

You know as well as I, the truth likely lies somewhere between these two extremes

For the law is only a *process* (like joining a game of cards or pocker to break even or earn a buck), and *not* a means to an end

Vary your banter between the players, or up the ante (by playing  your best hand) right from the start,-

Unless you have the gift of foresight however, the result is *always* a gamble between: if you’ll turn up trumps or end up with naught!

Nothing man-made is perfect & I dare you to convince me that it is;

Broad justice is the aim of this game and  bear no qualms if what you end up with is not what you hoped it would be!

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